Jerry Gomez

Welcome to my playground

During the years I've been coding of course! On this page you'll see some of my school projects and some experiments.

Offline Web application

After reading some articles, I came across something called Application Cache. With this technique you are able to make a web application work offline. I made a small web application that is connected to a MySQL database. To make the application work I used IndexedDB.

Django application with a HTML5 game

I developed a HTML 5 game during my internship at Spilgames. The game would also be integrated with a Python back-end and content management system using the Django web framework.

Serious IP

In 2013 I went to Austria for a project of two weeks. In those two weeks I received lectures and workshops, meanwhile I had to develop a game in a selected team. Together with this team I had to develop a game that illustrated how one of the biggest electricity plants uses water to produce electricity.

Keep in Touch

This is one of the prototypes I have made with fellow student for our research. This game is played on a Touch Table with four or six players. The main goal of this prototype was to include tangible interaction and to focus on the interaction between players beyond the digital system. The game uses the multi touch tabletop and supports four or six players. Every player holds a wooden token, basically a stick with some felt under it. The tokens represent the user's input interface.

Robo Retaliation

This game is bases on a board game called 'Roborally', I and fellow students have digitalized this game. The game is played with a Touch Table and a mobile devices as tablets or phones. The game supports two to eight players. After enough players joined the server, the game can get started. After hitting the start button, the Touch Table surface shows different maps to choose from. The maps are separated in tiles.

Euler challenge

During my internship at Spilgames I had to learn more about the programming language Python. One of the programmers told me about the Euler challenge and so I started to solve the problems with Python. Look up the problems that I have solved at

Chrome Extension

Double toasted is an entertainment website where you are able to listen to podcasts and watch videos. To make life much easier, I created my own chrome extension. The extension looks up the RSS feed from the website and displays the latest shows they have posted.

Recursive Turtle painting