Jerry Gomez

Keep in Touch

This is one of the prototypes we have made for our research. This game is played on a touchtable with 4 or 6 players. The main aim of this prototype was to include tangible interaction and to focus on the interaction between players beyond the digital system. The game uses the multitouch tabletop and supports four or six players. Every player holds a wooden token, basically a stick with some filt under it. The tokens represent the user's input interface.

To start the game, the players select the number of players, a difficulty level and the number of points a player needs to win. After that, the screen shows the play screen, a black background with a number of colored player areas, depending on the player count, on it. The player areas are drawn circles, placed at the screens corners and, in case of six players additionally on the horizontal edges. To start the round, every player chooses a player area and places his token on it. As soon as every player area has a token touching it, the first round starts. Every round, the screen announces a random event and shows an animation of an action, which all players have to perform in a limited amount of time.

Keep in Touch Keep in Touch Keep in Touch Keep in Touch